The NFF Internship Scheme

In summer 2018, the NFF launched a new internship scheme to recruit undergraduate students to work in the cleanroom. The objective is to foster students’ interest in semiconductor technologies and fabrication processes. Our first recruits are two HKUST undergraduates - Lily Kam, now in her 3rd year majoring in Electronic and Computer Engineering, and Chris Fung, now also in his 3rd year majoring in Chemistry. Their job duties were to assist NFF staff to deliver job requests from industrial users.

Left: Lily KAM; Right: Chris FUNG.

Lily KAM, 3rd year undergraduate
Electronic and Computer Engineering, The HKUST

“Thanks to this internship opportunity, I have a chance to take a glimpse at different nanosystem fabrication processes and further my limited understanding towards the industry. This was certainly an eye-opening experience to learn the state-of-the-art technology in the NFF given the limited exposure to this field in Hong Kong.”

“Not only did I obtain an in-depth understanding and an impactful experience in fabrication processes like photolithography, thin-film growth and etching, but the technicians and the engineers here in the NFF also inspired me how a professional engineer should behave. I have witnessed and experienced the passion of all the staff in the NFF for their work. I am truly impressed by their professional attitude at work.”

Chris FUNG, 3rd year undergraduate
Chemistry, The HKUST

“As a student majoring in Chemistry, I am curious about nanosystem fabrication. These two months of internship totally changed my mind related to the application of Chemistry knowledge on nanosystem fabrication. … It really impressed me that photoresist, which is a kind of polymers can be used for photolithography.”

“…the two months of internship really gives me an unforgettable memory and learning experiences. I sincerely hope that the NFF can provide more of this kind of internships in the future, so more undergraduate students can grab the chances to learn here.”