“NFF Workshop on the 3-D Laser Lithography/Nano Printer” was held on 31 May 2018, given by Dr. Shuyun Zhao, Scientific Officer of the NFF, Miss Ka Man Wong, Technician of the NFF and Mr. Henry Yeung, Senior Technical Officer of the NFF. The Workshop provided a general introduction of the 3-D Laser Lithography System and the related software (Describe and Nanowrite), along with practical hands-on trainings in the cleanroom to NFF users.

“NFF Workshop on the Rapier DRIE system” was held on 22 June 2018, given by Mr. Ron Lee, Service Supervisor of Laserwort Ltd. Mr. Lee introduced the key features of the new DRIE system and the differences between the new DRIE system and the existing DRIE system in the NFF. He discussed the process capabilities and the process tuning techniques in detail. The Workshop was followed by a lab visit to the new NFF DRIE Process Center in Rm. 2223.